3 more weeks…

Three weeks until I begin the spinal cord stimulator trial. For almost two years, I consistently told doctors no when they recommend the SCS. And now, the next few weeks can’t move fast enough. One of the main reasons I can’t wait is because with each passing day my nerve pain grows in strength. Unfortunately, […]


I don’t like insomnia. It’s not something I’ve really experienced before this week. I’ve had a few days here and there but never like this. For the past week, I get a couple hours of sleep per night. My best night was 4 hours. It’s been difficult. I’ve tried everything. Hopefully it ends soon because […]

‘Fun’ day

The massive shift in weather from sunny and warm-ish to damp and chilly is killing me. It’s just ridiculous the amount of effort it takes to move. Luckily, my two cats are being super sweet. It really is nice to have loving pets. Spring? I need you to get here quickly. Only 30 days until […]

Tim Gunn

I’ve always wanted Tim as a father figure/mentor for the last 15 years. I’ve been a huge Project Runway fan and always admired Tim for how he handled tough situations with ease. At least he made it look easy. I’ve never really had a positive male role model in my life and I want Tim […]

The nerve of it

I’m tired of nerve pain. For most of my life I just had regular back pain. The past 3 years it’s been all about nerve pain; adjusting to it, what helps, what doesn’t hurt, but it’s just so different and difficult. It’s extremely frustrating because very little actually helps. At least with back pain you […]

5 ice packs

I’m currently on the couch with 5 ice packs applied to various parts of my body. The nerve pain in my back, butt, left knee, and left foot are all screaming at the same time. All that I did was walk 3 blocks to the grocery store and back. When simple tasks like this are […]

The Vortex

Three straight days of below zero temperatures has taken its toll on my body, nerves, and pain. After trying everything in my ‘tool box’, I think this is something I just have to wait out. I just feel so useless. It’s extremely hard to concentrate and do small tasks. Oh, and tears, lots of tears. […]