4 hours of sleep and a win

Last night was horrible for sleeping. Started in the bedroom but, no matter what position, my nerves didn’t agree. After about an hour, I moved to the couch.

I didn’t have much luck there either. It’s supremely frustrating when you can’t get to sleep because all you feel is pain. Then you start worrying because you can’t sleep and that gets frustrating. It’s another cycle.

Finally, around 3am I fell asleep.

The win is because I got up at 7am and went to the coffee shop with Jackie. I told her I would and I did. That’s a good feeling. Although the pain is horrible, it feels good to keep my word.

Lastly, this weather can kiss my ass.

Published by jaymac5

I've been living with chronic pain for almost 30 years and I've been through the ringer with injections, medications, physical therapy, Eastern medicine, group meetings, and surgery. I'm also a group facilitator for the American Chronic Pain Association and we focus on helping others living with chronic pain. Hopefully, reading this journal will let people know they're not alone and there is help.

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  1. I feel your pain and frustration!! I could not get comfy! I have a hospital bed, but my body said no! So I jumped into my usual saving grace the recliner. Slept 58 minutes and had to pee! Fell asleep on bowl about 90 minutes, I wake up and can’t feel my legs from knees down! 20 minutes of rubbing and slowly wiggling go back to the cycle! Second time in bathroom legs and hands are so swollen, took a water pill, checked blood sugar, 197! Took insulin! Took morning pills 1 hour early. Slept 2 hours in recliner. You’re not alone nn

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