As I sit (well, lay) with three ice packs on, I’m at least happy about having a great home cooked meal with my love. Plus, she really liked the meal as well which is always nice.

I started cooking more and more about two years ago to help control my weight and eat better in general. Thankfully, I ended up enjoying the process except doing dishes. Otherwise, it’s satisfying to make a meal that’s pretty healthy and tastes good.

Overall, I’ve lost 54 pounds. That’s the good news…the bad news is the more weight I lose, the worse my pain gets. EVERY doctor told me losing weight would put less pressure on my spine. After years of dealing with spinal issue, I’ve come to learn doctors are still just guessing.

Published by jaymac5

I've been living with chronic pain for almost 30 years and I've been through the ringer with injections, medications, physical therapy, Eastern medicine, group meetings, and surgery. I'm also a group facilitator for the American Chronic Pain Association and we focus on helping others living with chronic pain. Hopefully, reading this journal will let people know they're not alone and there is help.

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