Flare up!

Woke up after a horrible night of sleep feeling slightly better than expected. We walked to get breakfast. It’s not a far walk, maybe 1.5 miles round trip. On the way home, something set my nerves off. They went from a whisper to a scream in a few blocks. My hip started burning like it hasn’t in about 18 months. I wish I could pinpoint specific triggers that set things off. There are the main ones everyone knows but the little things. Feeling control over the pain is always a goal but today, it’s difficult.

Published by jaymac5

I've been living with chronic pain for almost 30 years and I've been through the ringer with injections, medications, physical therapy, Eastern medicine, group meetings, and surgery. I'm also a group facilitator for the American Chronic Pain Association and we focus on helping others living with chronic pain. Hopefully, reading this journal will let people know they're not alone and there is help.

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