My Hungarian Stalker

Years ago I had a stalker living in Budapest named Charles. To give you a date range, I still had a land line and the Patriot Act was pretty new.

I realize it’s not easy to have a stalker living so far away but he was persistent. He called all the time, wrote multiple letters, and would send small gifts. It’s about at this point in the story where people say, ‘BULLSHIT!’ So, I would always go to my dresser and pull out the letters, gifts, and picture he sent of himself. The look on most faces then turned to horror.

The letters were always a few pages long (his English was pretty good) and the gifts were usually a CD or poem.

This went on for about a year but he eventually gave up because he said all he ever really wanted was a friend and I wasn’t reciprocating, well, because he came on a bit strong.

This story does have a couple of other extremely odd/terrifying details that I’ve left out for now because I just wanted to let people know that I had a Hungarian stalker named Charles.

This doesn’t really have a lot to do with chronic pain but just an old memory that popped into my head as I was have a huge flare up of pain in my hip.


My constant pain

I haven’t written in awhile because blogging was making my pain worse. It was reminder after reminder of the pain I live in.

I’ve had the stimulator for almost 3 months and it’s working fine but my old back pain is back and back worse than ever.

What do you do to manage it? Please tell me because I need help.

It’s been awhile…

I’m sorry I haven’t posted in a bit but I think I needed a little break.

The reason for the break is that having the stimulator implant isn’t going as well as the trial did. I had about 80% relief during the trial and maybe about 30% with the implant. Plus, no one can really explain why there’s such a difference and it’s frustrating. That trial week was so wonderful despite not being able to shower and having everything external.

Hopefully things will turn around. I really am trying to stay optimistic.

One week from tomorrow

I start the spinal cord stimulator trial in eight days. It can’t get here soon enough because I need help with the pain. The wait is driving me a little crazy.

I am going to upload videos during the trial and most likely for a week or two after I get the implant (positive thinking). I’ve watched other people’s videos and they helped me so hopefully I can help someone too.

Side note…

For the first time in almost two years I used my cane. It’s just agony to put any pressure on my left leg.

Proud Moment

Today, I reached 250 straight days of learning Spanish on Duolingo. I’m very proud about this accomplishment. It’s nice to know that with everything going on in my life that I still managed to keep this streak going.

My goal is to reach 365 days in a row. funnily enough, I started writing this entry at 2:50.

Ralph Fiennes

Mornings are the worst part of my day.

This morning I opened YouTube and started watching a video where Ralph Fiennes breaks down his most famous roles. I’ve always had this image in my head about his personality before ever actually reading/watching something about him. Turns out he’s kind of a big goof ball! I realize I should never judge someone without finding out more about that person.

And yes, Voldemort cheered up my morning.